Real Estate business for sale in Bucharest. Houses complex in Buftea.

Business Opportunity for Real Estate Developers. Complex sale price 770.000 Euro.


Business Opportunity for Real Estate Developers in Bucharest. Taking over the complex of villas Green Corner in Buftea.

The Green Corner villas complex is an authorized construction project, consisting of 14 duplex villas, 28 houses Ground Floor + 1 Floor, several plots of land for construction, a commercial complex for services, and (2 floors) offices located on a land with a total area of 12,000 sqm, land which has been looted and is partially enclosed.

The construction of the Green Corner complex started in 2016, and now there are 3 duplex villas already built (6 houses).

Located on Narciselor Street with a wide opening to the main traffic artery, but with the housing spaces located at a sufficient distance to not be disturbing, the complex is very accessible. It is located on Narciselor Street at the intersection with Independence Street, very close to the towns of Chitila, Mogosoaia, Corbeanca, and just 30 minutes from the center of Bucharest.

Information for developers and investors.
Real estate sales. The complex of villas Green Corner in Buftea, Ilfov County.

The villas, inspired by the British architecture and the modern trends in large glazed spaces, are intelligently divided and dimensioned, giving space, light, and privacy at the same time, offering a very pleasant sensation and making them ideal for couples and young families with children who work in the northern part of the capital and its surroundings.

This real estate business is estimated overall at a value of 850.000 euros 770,000 euros, the acquisition price, and the developer who will take over the Green Corner complex will be in possession of the following portfolio of properties, villas, and plots of land for construction:

1. Villas: 6 dwelling units located on lots of 330 sqm, each with a 250 sq m free yard and a 75 sq m footprint:

  • 4 houses to white x 65,000 Euro = 260,000 Euro
  • 2 houses to red x 55,000 Euro = 110. 000 Euro
  • Access road 1,020 sqm (included in the price)

The houses are identical, duplex type, have reinforced concrete structure with porotherm brick closures, plastered, painted white and interior finishes are to be installed. Each house has a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms and is divided as follows:

  • Ground floor: living room, open kitchen, office (or bedroom), bathroom, hall, interior staircase;
  • Floor: hallway, 2 bedrooms, bathroom

Each property will be delimited by a fence, with access gates, with at least one parking space in each yard.

2. Lot lots: 8 lots

  • 1 lot x 1150 sqm (at the highway, for commercial spaces P + 2) x 60 Euro / mp = 69,000 Euro
  • 3 lots x 79 sqm / lot = 237 mp x 50 Euro / mp = 11.850 Euro
  • 3 lots x 250 sqm / lot = 750 sqm x 50 Euro / mp = 37,500 Euro
  • 1 lot x 7.036 sqm x 40 Euro / mp = 281.440 Euro

The Green Corner complex will have all the utilities: electricity, gas, sewage, water. The complex is located in a developing area, very pleasant, open, with very good infrastructure.

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